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About Calvera Partners

We create and manage investment partnerships for high net worth individuals and families by investing in apartments in growing urban markets across the country.

Our specialty is buying, renovating, and repositioning high-potential but underperforming properties. This results in higher returns for investors due to our improvements, creativity, and sound management.

We founded Calvera Partners in 2010, after working together at a private equity firm where we were involved in acquiring more than $1 billion of real estate. We do apartment investing with the analytical rigor and perspective of institutional investors.

We find value others overlook and it shows in our remarkable results. Our sold transactions have yielded an estimated net weighted average annual return of 32% and a return on initial investment of 127%.

Please note that prior performance is not indicative of future results, and each investment vehicle faces distinct risks. Please see for more detail.


You Can Use Real Estate for Retirement Cash Flow – Learn How